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Industry recognises food waste’s role in green cities

ADBA’s second dinner debate formed a consensus on the substantial potential of food waste as a vital resource for greener, smarter city designs. Held in central London under Chatham House Rule, the debate included leaders from AD operators, waste collection firms, residual waste treatment sites and waste management…

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GIB recognises anaerobic digestion as central to greener, smarter cities

Anaerobic digestion (AD) has been highlighted as one of the top ten vital renewable technologies for smart cities in a Green Investment Bank report published yesterday, ten ways to modernise and improve UK urban infrastructure.  ADBA Chief Executive, Charlotte Morton, commented:  Anaerobic digestion, as one of the few…

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ADBA assess potential impact of smart cities on circular economy

ADBA Chief Executive, Charlotte Morton, will be speaking at this morning’s (05/03/15) Resource event on the future potential impact on the circular economy. The panel session, which starts at 11am in the #ThinkCircular theatre at the ExCel Centre in London, will assess how circularity can be embedded into smart…

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