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Research & Innovation Hub Programme Confirmed

We are delighted to say that the Research & Innovation (R&I) hub programme has now been confirmed. We have an excellent line up of speakers over the two days, you will hear about the following topics: Optimising the AD process: every little helps The AD sector needs to…

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Can research and innovation rescue on-farm AD?

The news for future developments in on-farm AD seems pretty gloomy at the moment: no extra support coming through FITs, caps to the levels of deployment, and long waits between the time you apply for and receive pre-accreditation. On top of that government is proposing overburdensome restrictions and rules on…

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AD crop operators unite behind bioenergy sustainability best practice guidance

ADBA has today launched a statement at UK AD & Biogas 2015, highlighting how the industry is complying with the new Voluntary Guidelines on Best Practice for Crop Feedstocks in Anaerobic Digestion launched last year. The guidance, which was developed in conjunction with our members and NFU, CLA, REA and…

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