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MEMBER BLOG: I love cover crops

Mandy Stoker, Managing Director of environmental consultancy and ADBA member E4Environment, shares her love of cover crops and discusses how they can reduce soil degradation ahead of her presentation at the ADBA Research & Innovation Forum 2018, taking place on the 11th April at the University of Sheffield.

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DEFRA report: Maize grown for AD


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According to the latest figures published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the amount of land used to grow maize for AD in England is on the rise. The report titled “Farming statistics – final crop areas and cattle, sheep and pig populations” gives…

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In view of the ongoing debate about a new feed-in tariff (FIT) system, the development of renewable energies in the UK is becoming ever more challenging. Thus, most anaerobic digestion plants are currently implemented by experienced companies. After all, quick planning and construction are a must in order to benefit…

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DEFRA modelling of land rents finds “no significant influence of proximity to AD plants”


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DEFRA have published the results of economic research on the local impacts of anaerobic digestion on agricultural land rental values and the environment.  In terms of land rentals the key finding is that "Spatial modelling of land rental values found no significant influence of proximity to AD plants."…

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Telegraph reports on hidden cost of soil degradation to the UK

The Daily Telegraph’s Contributing Editor, Geoffrey Lean, has today unveiled a Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology report that outlines how soil degradation is costing the UK £1.4 billion each year. The report notes that there is no UK wide monitoring of changes in soil health, highlighting how…

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