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Composting separated food waste digestate fibre


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See a note I've written for ADBA members on the potential for composting separated fibre from digested food waste here. This is something that government should be conducting a study on.   Any comments would be appreciated - 

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New anaerobic digestion and compost survey in Scotland

A survey of the Scottish AD and composting sectors is about to start. There have been significant developments in this industry in recent years, especially with the recent increase in on-farm AD sites.  This project is being delivered by Enscape Consulting and partner organisations Solidsense Ltd and Cambridge Eco…

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WRAP Research: Persistent herbicides in digestate

The detection of herbicides in composting and AD is the subject of new research published by WRAP. Two separate reports “Detecting persistent herbicides in anaerobic digestion” and “Detecting persistent herbicides in compost” explore the impact of herbicides in digestate and compost respectively. Detecting persistent herbicides in…

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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: American Organic Energy Chooses GE Water as Technology Provider

American Organic Energy chooses GE Water as its technology provider to transform Long Island food waste processing into sustainable leader American Organic Energy has taken a significant step toward building the most sophisticated food waste processing plant in the Northeast by picking GE Water to provide several key pieces of…

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