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Where can you find a 30% returns on investment (ROI)? Research and Innovation.

As in all industries, research and innovation (R&I) is essential to the long-term success of each business in the anaerobic digestion industry, as well as to the industry as a whole. Many businesses in the AD industry are in competition with one another. And as an industry we…

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ADBA calls for £25m R&I funding from government to boost AD exports

As the Chancellor prepares his budget statement for Wednesday, the AD industry has called for him to recognise the global opportunity for UK companies and researchers in biogas, digestate and bioproducts. In a policy paper to the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC), ADBA has called on government to…

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Reducing the cost to biomethane producers of connecting to the National Transmission System

National Grid have been succesful in winning Ofgem funding to research how to "minimise the cost and time of connections to the National Transmission System (NTS), with particular focus on unconventional gas connections". The £5m project, called "Project CLoCC - Customer Low Cost Connections", will achieve this by …

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Falling income and increasing regulatory scrutiny: attend the R&I Forum

The AD industry is coming under pressure from multiple fronts: Feed-In Tariffs have halved and biomethane in the Renewable Heat Incentive could do the same over the next year; Levy Exemption Certificates have been scrapped altogether; Wholesale energy prices are falling and show no signs of recovery; Gate fees for…

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