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Tank De-Gritting Technology Available for Purchase

Last week I visited a mining, and borehole, company that has developed an alternative method to de-gritting AD: digester, hydrolysis, buffer and feedstock storage tanks. The principles are based on mining techniques to remove the grit and inert material from the water that can then be used again. The technique…

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Grit Expectations: APHA seek information on grit disposal


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Grit removal is a fact of life for most food waste AD operators – either it is separated out before entering the digester or is removed periodically from the digestion tank itself. We have been approached by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) with a request for some further…

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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Heavy fraction removal without organic removal

Huber Technology: Within supermarket and source segregated food waste there is a small percentage of grit and glass which causes AD operators pipe blockages, abrasion, reduced capacity and costly cleaning routines to remove. When designing the AD plant at Westcott Park in Buckinghamshire, Shanks purchased a longitudinal grit trap…

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