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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Weltec Biopower - Pig Farm Uses Synergies to Generate Energy

Croatian Biogas Plant of WELTEC BIOPOWER Goes Live In summer 2016, a biogas plant of the German plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER went live in Varazdin, northern Croatia. The 250-kW plant of the pig farmer Dalibor Vrček perfectly suits the farm‘s cycle of food production, liquid manure…

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In view of the ongoing debate about a new feed-in tariff (FIT) system, the development of renewable energies in the UK is becoming ever more challenging. Thus, most anaerobic digestion plants are currently implemented by experienced companies. After all, quick planning and construction are a must in order to benefit…

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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: WELTEC Group Acquires 3.3 MW Biogas Plant

In 2015, the WELTEC Group had acquired two biomethane refineries. Now the company has taken the next step on its growth path: In January 2016, Nordmethan GmbH, a subsidiary of the plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER, purchased an existing biogas plant in Falkenhagen, Brandenburg, Germany. Following the fundamental technical and administrative restructuring and…

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