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Low Input High Diversity Biomass

Please see below a message from one of our members:  "Walking around the show I was struck by the number of references to what I would describe as Low Input High Diversity Biomass which I think has a significant potential to be developed into an important feed stock for…

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Research project investigates use of grass from verges in AD


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Last week I attended a demonstration of an exciting research project that is investigating the potential to harvest grass from roadside verges in Lincolnshire and use it as a feedstock in an AD plant. The event, which was hosted at an AD plant at Scrivelsby Grange near Horncastle, was attended…

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In view of the ongoing debate about a new feed-in tariff (FIT) system, the development of renewable energies in the UK is becoming ever more challenging. Thus, most anaerobic digestion plants are currently implemented by experienced companies. After all, quick planning and construction are a must in order to benefit…

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