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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Gas users buy 0.5 million MWh of biomethane from Green Gas Trading

The UK should celebrate the growing success of its biomethane industry, according to Green Gas Trading, one of the UK’s independent biomethane certification registries, who earlier this month issued their 500,000th biomethane certificate to an end user. Scheme founder Grant Ashton said: May 2017 has been a milestone month…

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Fuelling the green gas revolution

Conventional biofuels such as bioethanol and biodiesel currently account for the majority of biofuels supplied and used in the United Kingdom. Under existing policies, however, the UK is currently some way off being able to meet the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) 10 per cent renewable transport fuel 2020 target. Progress is hampered…

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Biomethane Certification Scheme wins M&S's backing as buyer

Green Gas Trading Ltd. (GGT) is delighted to welcome news that the majority of Biomethane Certificates (BMCs) from the green gas produced at Future Biogas’s new £8 million state-of-the-art biomethane plant in Doncaster has been purchased by leading UK supermarket, Marks and Spencer plc. The BMCs, registered…

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Recognition of biomethane certificates in GHG company reporting


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Defra last week published a consultation on amendments to the greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting requirements for companies, potentially paving the way for the recognition of biomethane certificates for companies where biomethane has been injected into the gas grid. Government proposes to allow companies to report on their GHG emissions using…

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Biomethane to grid – What are the challenges?

Injecting biomethane produced through anaerobic digestion into the gas grid has an array of benefits. It is one of the most efficient uses of biogas and reduces our reliance on imported fossil gas, thus contributing to meeting the UK’s renewable energy and climate change targets whilst improving our energy…

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