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Cadent proposes hydrogen network for Liverpool-Manchester


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Gas distribution company Cadent (formerly National Grid Gas Distribution Limited) has proposed a new ‘Liverpool-Manchester Hydrogen Clusters project’ which aims to introduce hydrogen into the gas network in the Liverpool-Manchester area. The use of hydrogen in place of natural gas has long been discussed as a key…

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Can biomethane help reduce the UK’s GHG emissions and contribute to the UK’s gas supply?

Image source In the UK, we need to seek viable, alternative methods to accommodate our ever-increasing energy demand. In Hammond and O’Gradys paper, they explore the use of gas in three different scenarios to meet energy demand and reduce carbon emissions to 2050. Since 2004 the UK has been a…

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Project CLoCC update

Project CLoCC is a project which aims to minimise the cost and time of connections to the National Transmission System (NTS), with a focus on unconventional gas connections. The project started in February 2016 and is due to finish in October 2018.  The project’s core objectives are: To reduce…

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