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ADBA presents at summit on future waste policy

Rebecca Thompson, ADBA's Senior Policy Manager, presented the key role that AD plays in food and farm waste policy at a round-table discussion organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry's Energy Sustainability and Environment Division. The event brought together academics, industry experts, and representatives from government to discuss…

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Waste Policy Round Table Discussion


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On 20 May, Rebecca Thompson, our Senior Policy Manager, spoke at a round table event on the UK’s Waste Policy Landscape facilitated by the Royal Society of Chemistry, focusing on the importance of Anaerobic Digestion in recycling food waste and decarbonising agriculture.

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Food Waste Operator Group to meet on 4th June

On 4th June, the Food Waste Operator Group will be meeting to discuss the key topics affecting their day-to-day operations and the future developments for this part of the industry. The meeting is being hosted by Jelf Insurance Brokers at their office in Worcester. We encourage all food waste operators…

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