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Tank De-Gritting Technology Available for Purchase

Last week I visited a mining, and borehole, company that has developed an alternative method to de-gritting AD: digester, hydrolysis, buffer and feedstock storage tanks. The principles are based on mining techniques to remove the grit and inert material from the water that can then be used again. The technique…

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ADBA is closely following recent developments over Brexit


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PM Theresa May has recently presented the Draft Withdrawal Agreement and the Outline Political Declaration, which would regulate UK-EU relations until 2020 (transition period) and the Outline Political Declaration which frames the context of the future agreement after 2020. While the second one is a political declaration on the terms of the…

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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: New appointment further strengthens CooperOstlund’s senior team

CooperOstlund, the UK’s leading gas engine specification and maintenance provider, has appointed Tim Broadhurst to the role of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

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