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Can the R&D Hub help your business cope with a falling FIT? Access free academic support for SMEs

As Ofgem's FITs tariff tables show, the Feed-in Tariff is now 9.4 pence/ kWhe for 250-500 kWe plants. We already know it  will fall 10% on 1 October and a further ~10% on 1 April 2016, unless we can pursuade Government to make changes to the tariffs and degression mechanism in the review later…

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Reduce costs, improve biogas yields, transform digestate: the R&D Hub has all the answers

This year's UK AD & Biogas will include an R&DHub for those keen to share ideas about how the AD sector can reduce capital and operating costs, improve biogas yields and transform the economics of the sector. We've selected the best researchers to tell us how…

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Lots happening on ADBA Research and Development (R&D)


*Members Only*

Our new website now contains an R&D page in the library section which details all the latest R&D funding opportunities potentially available to the sector, as well as a database of academics and their areas of expertise we are developing and links to news items and…

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Call for papers: UK AD & Biogas 2014, R&D Hub

This is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of your expertise and achievements to a high profile anaerobic digestion (AD) audience at the sector’s annual tradeshow and conference UK AD & Biogas 2014. This year at UK AD& Biogas 2014 ADBA is adding a new feature area, the R&…

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