Top AD and biogas tips from our exhibitors

We asked our exhibitors about their top tips, here are some of their responses.

Given what you’ve learned over the last year what’s the one bit of AD advice you’d give to your customers?

Lesley Eaton, seepex UK:

Ensure that the equipment you select can be adapted and can evolve, particularly in regard to feedstock. As the biogas market matures and more feedstock is sourced from different suppliers the nature of the process and the demands on equipment can change significantly.

Forming a relationship with equipment suppliers who operate in the UK ensures that service and advice is available from expert engineers.

You can find seepex UK at stand E35.

Rob Heap, Rob Heap Consulting:

Undertake sufficient research and ensure the project is correctly packaged / de-risked as far as practicable and do not underestimate the time it takes to take a project from concept to commissioning.

You can find Rob Heap Consulting at stand B07.

Michael White, Geotech:

Based on the numbers of AD plants built and being planned in the UK, being a UK manufacturer of measurement instrumentation we have heard that without full support in the UK it can be quite costly if the system fails to operate whilst waiting for the technical specialist to arrange to visit.

You can find Geotech at stand C35.

Derek Thompson, Lhoist UK:

Calcium content of Neutralac®SLS45 is beneficial to the sustainability and health of the AD plant bacteria. The bacteria agglomerates forming larger flocs of biomass, seeding on the lime particles.

The main benefit in changing to Neutralac SLS45 is the remarkable improvement in the efficiency of AD plants. The biogas output from digesters increases steadily, increasing power output from biogas stations to sustainable self-financing levels.

You can find Lhoist at stand A79

Steve Beal, Servomac:

We have found that early involvement at the design stage has been essential as we have had the opportunity to discuss pipework routes and potential cost savings for our customers.

Up front planning with our customers has also helped when carrying out installations on site.

You can find Servomac at stand A29

Sue Higgins, Clearfleau:

The challenge for the AD industry is to demonstrate that this versatile technology can contribute to renewable energy production while providing a satisfactory return on investment. With renewable incentives at their peak, now is the time to look at whether AD is part of the mix for your business. If on-site AD is an option - then come talk to a company with references in a range of industrial sectors.

You can find Clearfleau at stand B23

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