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Tramspread specialists in slurry and digestate handling from Mendlesham, Suffolk is pleased to report increasing demand for slurry and digestate mixers since adding the UK distributorship for Reck slurry mixers to their already impressive arsenal of slurry and digestate handling equipment. The Reck slurry mixer range consists of mixers for open and closed slurry pits, lagoons, slurry towers and channel systems. Reck slurry mixers are quickly ready for operation and can mix tough surface crusts and sediment, powerfully, fast and efficiently.

Speaking recently Ed Baker of Tramspread said:

The requirements on slurry mixers are increasing mainly because of the biogas digestate boom and higher tractor performances. Due to this changing demand Reck have developed a new Jumbo mixer series. A strong drive unit with a 1¾ inch power take-off shaft, a 45mm mixer shaft and an improved bearing characteristic for the agitator.


Blocked slurry channels can cause major problems for the livestock farmer; Animals have to be moved out and the slatted floor elements have to be lifted out, and the channels manually cleared – this can be dangerous and is certainly exhausting. In order to avoid this labour intensive, costly and  time consuming job, Reck have developed two slatted floor mixers:  The Porco for pig sheds – this stirs up the slurry channels through narrow fissures from a width of 1.7cm and a length of 15cm without any problems, and the Torro for cowsheds does the same through fissures from 2.6cm wide by 25cm long, breaking up surface crusts and removing the habitat of flies and rodents.


The complete homogenisation of slurry is necessary to enable the best possible use of available nutrients. Enabling regular high yields and saving money on artificial fertiliser. Not forgetting that complete mixing preserves storage capacity and puts slurry in the best condition for separation, pumping and applying to the land through modern application equipment such as dribble bars, trailing shoes and disc injectors.

Tramspread Contracting is an active arm of the company’s business – offering a slurry pumping and umbilical spreading service to their many farming customers in East Anglia. All the equipment used is of Tramspread origin and includes a Reck 6.3m long Reck Typhoon lagoon mixer with a 5m long Reck Ocelot frame extension which is used to great effect.

Further details on the Tramspread Reck slurry mixer range and the complete range of Tramspread slurry equipment  and storage systems are available from Tramspread Hobbies Lane, Mendlesham, Suffolk IP14 5SZ, email:

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