UK partner for HotRot technology as part of global expansion


Large scale organic waste treatment projects are set to expand through new partnership.

A new commercial partnership between HotRot and Bio Watt Engineering will help develop large scale organic waste treatment projects in the UK and Eire, using modern composting technologies.

An independent, UK based organisation dedicated to providing and developing expertise in the planning, construction and operation of Tunnel and IVC composting operations has been formed through the agreement. BWE now assumes the primary responsibility for all HotRot business development and technical support activities in the UK, as HotRot’s licensed technology partner in the region.

BWE is part of The BioWatt Group Limited which provides specialist engineering and development services to the organic waste management and recycling industry, initially in the region of UK and Eire. HotRot provides proven in-vessel composting technology for the processing of difficult organic waste streams, diverting these from landfill.

James Lloyd, chief executive, BWE said:

This agreement with HotRot will develop composting operations in the UK and Eire, whilst provides continuity and a single point of contact for new HotRot composting projects. Our relationship with HotRot and the strong pipeline of specialist composting projects is a cornerstone for the rapid growth of BioWatt in the UK. This growth builds further upon our recent agreement with one of Europe’s largest biogas developers,, to develop 50 MW of anaerobic digestion capacity in the UK.

Bruce Foulds, Executive chairman, HotRot said:

The establishment of an independent engineering operation in the UK will further stimulate the development of the UK market for HotRot technology through a dedicated team that has the greatest level of experience in the organic waste treatment market place. We have a pipeline of very exciting projects which require a level of investment in engineering and personnel that BWE has agreed to make and we look forward to a long and successful association. We are following a global strategy to establish similar strategic relationships in our major international markets.

Michael Roberts, chairman, BioWatt Group, said:

The importance of implementing modern waste management strategies cannot be overemphasised and the initiatives by government and others to create a recycling culture are vital to the future. The agreement with HotRot will provide the platform for the development of a new skill set using best practice technologies to ensure that the opportunities in this sector of industry are efficiently harnessed for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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