UK shares experience of developing AD best practice with international audience

This week I was delighted to attend the Expo Biogaz in Strasbourg, at the invitation of Club Biogaz (an association in France that represents the biogas sector). They invited me to speak about ADBA's experience in the UK of developing best practice, around the areas of health and safety, environmental performance and operational performance.

In France, they are experiencing a growth in biogas and biomethane production, and Club Biogaz are keen make sure that the industry is supported and plants are developed and run to a high standard. I gave an overview of the UK market and the challenges that we have faced in recent years, particularly around the perceptions of AD as 'high risk' by regulators, insurers and other stakeholders. I then described the action we have taken to address this – chiefly the development of the AD Certification Scheme (ADCS), which we launched in December 2017, and the surrounding activities to improve access to guidance and awareness of good practice. The ADCS provides a structured, all-round review of the performance of an AD plant, in a thorough audit process. This is a brilliant tool for any operator to identify where they can improve, keep their staff and the environment safe, and get the best from their plant. The hard work continues here in the UK, as our scheme is still new and the project will continue to run. I touched on the lessons we have learned through this process and some of the key considerations the French association and industry more widely might like to think about as they plan their own approach. It was a pleasure to meet individuals from the AD industry in France and hear about their experiences, and we look forward to seeing how they get on.

At UK AD & World Biogas Expo 2018 we will be continuing the conversation around best practice around the world. We will be contrasting and comparing the different approaches taken, to share experiences and learn from each other. I’m pleased that I will be joined by Patrick Serfass, Executive Director of the American Biogas Council (ABC) and Carl Gurney from Jelf Insurance Brokers, and I very much look forward to hearing their thoughts on how the world of AD can continue to improve and prosper.

If you are interested in this, please register for your free space here, and spread the word to anyone you think might like to get involved!

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