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Nitrates and SSAFO Regulatory Review

Recently I attended the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs review of the Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations 2015 following its 5 years since publication. The review, following ministerial decision, is inclusive of the SSAFO regulations.

A few key points from the meeting were:

  • The SSAFO review will only include silage and slurry not agricultural fuel oil
  • The group stressed the requirement to interact with the EA and other departments at Defra to ensure all legislation, permitting and best practice were inline
  • Defra and other attending bodies stressed that digestates should be better incorporated/regulated.
  • Revision of the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) against a whole territory approach and a review of the ‘Total N Limit’
  • ADBA and other trade bodies present stressed that additional costs of altering the storage requirements under SSAFO should not ignore the financial burden and if this should all fall onto industry

Following this meeting Defra will publish the Nitrates and SSAFO review on the 31st March 2020. There are also plans for a full consultation on the documents.

Standard rules for the Environmental Permitting Regulations

ADBA are writing up our response to the Standard rules consultation (Number 20). If members would like to provide feedback, evidence and input please get in touch with me directly via email.

The deadline for submission to the Environment Agency is 28th February 2020. However, I will be finalising ADBA’s response on Monday 24th February.

Member Engagement

The week started with a meeting with Fern Farming to discuss the current industry issues facing ADBA’s operator members, operator engagement and the current developments in the industry. I also obtained University input on the potential of small-scale deployment of AD being adversely affected by a policy and regulatory disconnect that could face the industry.

Prior to finishing the week at the Nitrates and SSAFO review I spent some time working with new members Anessa. Anessa are looking at trialling their software in the UK AD market with AD operators free of charge. They will be contacting operators directly over the coming months but if this is of interest to you please email me.

Week Commencing 17th February 2020

This week I will be attending, and following up with a post, the:

  • Regulated Business Forum in London hosted by the Environment Agency.
  • Standard Rules Discussions regarding proposed alterations in Birmingham hosted by the Environment Agency.

Alongside this I will be continuing to develop the modulated training package, biogas mark and writing up a final consultation response for the Environment Agencies Standard Rules Consultation.

If you have any questions about any of the above please email me. For information regarding membership and how ADBA can support you please speak with Ellis Owen.

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