What will our speakers discuss at UK AD & Biogas 2013?

This week we have some exciting topics and speakers confirmed for the free to attend conference at UK AD & Biogas 2013:

  • The role of AD in sustainable farming – Dr Jeremy Woods, Imperial College London
  • Why we need to ban food waste to landfill – Dustin Benton, Senior Policy Adviser, Green Alliance
  • Producing more food and fuel: the challenge of sustainable intensification – Dr Jonathan Scurlock, Chief Adviser, Renewable Energy and Climate Change, National Farmers’ Union
  • Where AD can fit into your waste management strategy – David Greenfield, Director – Waste and Resources, iESE
  • How food waste collections are meeting the needs of different clients – Stuart Hayward-Higham, Development Director, SITA and ADBA board director
  • Key considerations when designing your AD plant – including Dorian Harrison, Technical Director, Monsal and Amaya Arias-Garcia, Engineering Manager, Tamar Energy
  • Operating your AD plant well – including Simon Gittins, W H Gittins & Sons (Wykey Farm) and Les Gornall, Process Consultant, PROjEN, Michael Chesshire, Director, Evergreen Gas
  • New models of operation: Hub and Pod – including Julian Maiklem, Partner, Green and Pleasant Renewables
  • What is the best use for your biogas and digestate? – John Scott-Kerr, Sustainability and Bioenergy Consultant, Bidwells Agribusiness
  • How is the digestate market developing? – Maggie Newton, Programme Area Manager - Market Development (Organics & EfW) and William McManus, Project Manager (Organics & EfW), WRAP
  • Maximising revenue from your gas – Grant Ashton, Director, Green Gas Trading 
  • Developing a strategy biomethane in transport – Andrew Whittles, Managing Director, Low Emissions Strategies
  • How can we make the most of our resources? – Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, ADBA

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