Our Work

The energy behind the AD revolution

Who we are

ADBA was established in 2009 as a not-for-profit organisation representing businesses in the anaerobic digestion sector, to help remove the barriers to growth currently faced by the industry and to promote the benefits of AD to the UK. We want to realise the potential of the AD industry, and allow this sector to deliver energy security and economic growth – in waste management, farming, transport and food processing, among others – while also combating climate change.

What we do

ADBA wants to ensure we can deliver all the benefits of AD. We work with industry, government, NGOs, media, professional bodies, the public, and our members to promote and develop AD, and to tackle AD issues across the UK. We particularly draw on the expertise of our members to allow us to deal with the latest issues, and anticipate and act on any potential problems or opportunities, before feeding directly into the policy-making process.

Our key areas where we work to support and grow AD include:

Demonstrating AD’s value

ADBA acts as a resource centre for all information relevant to the industry, ensuring politicians, the public and other key stakeholders understand and recognise the benefits AD can deliver.

Lobbying government

ADBA works hard to shape government policy through working groups regularly attended by government agencies, such as the Environmental Agency, WRAP and the Health and Safety Executive, by highlighting issues, feeding into consultation responses, and helping to develop the industry through dialogue with government.

Building the marketplace

ADBA brings together the AD community, joining the key stakeholders in one association so they can trade, discuss and analyse the latest developments, and develop the practical tools to enable the industry to grow. We run trade shows, conferences and research and development forums, and offer vital industry tools, including AD Guides and Best Practice documents, with our unique experience and authority.

ADBA is working hard to ensure you can profit today, while protecting tomorrow. Join us.