GDPR compliance

ADBA has teamed up with Keepabl to make their award-winning GDPR Compliance Platform and Privacy Policy Pack available to members at exclusive, reduced rates.


ADBA uses Keepabl’s software solution for its own GDPR compliance.  It’s a simple-to-use cloud-based system that leads you through getting and staying compliant in a very visual, gamified way that makes the process much easier and provides you the reports you need for investors, customers and regulators.

Keepabl’s Pedigree

Keepabl works directly with customers as well as with law firms and consultancies, who choose Keepabl as the tech platform they use with clients to make ongoing GDPR compliance simple.  Keepabl was named GDPR Company of the Year 2019 by CIO Applications Europe.

Based in the UK, Keepabl was founded by a lawyer with over 13 years experience as General Counsel of small and mid-market growth tech companies. That legal and customer experience, combined with deep SaaS knowledge, is all reflected in the software.  It’s why ADBA chose Keepabl ourselves.

Exclusive Offer to ADBA’s Members

ADBA has negotiated a 30% discount off the SaaS solution in your first year, and a 10% discount in year 2.  And 30% off the Privacy Policy Pack which has all the policies, procedures templates and checklists you need for GDPR compliance! 

See it for yourself first

Just contact Keepabl at or through their website ( to see a demo and confirm you're an ADBA member to enjoy these discounts.