Green Seminar Day 2

Green Seminar Day 2

Heat use

Markus Euring, Applications Engineer for Renewable Energy, REHAU

Sam Cockerill, Chief Executive Officer, Libertine

Dan Wright MBE, Chief Executive Officer, Heliex Power

Andy Cooper, Sector Manager, Clarke Energy

Operational performance: how can enzymes and additives help your plant?

Ray Long, Director, Citadel Environmental Solutions

Derek Thompson, Product Manager (Lime), Lhoist UK Ltd

Dan Hanks, UK Commercial Director, Omex Environmental

Dr Thomas Fritz, Project Manager, Schaumann BioEnergy

Digestate technology

Beth Rounsefell, Technical Manager, Tamar Energy

Tony Clutten, Process Sales Manager, Huber

Willie Driessen, Regional Manager, Paques bv

Stephen Wooler, Senior Technical Process Engineer, HRS Heat Exchangers

Lunch break

Enhancing the business case for on-farm AD

Rob Heap, Director, Rob Heap Consulting (RHC)

Markus Ott, Head of Sales, Agraferm Technologies AG

Susan Shakesheff, Director, Ynergy Ltd

John Dodds, Renewable Energy Team, Inenco

The business case for onsite AD in the food and drink sector

Brian Scheffe, Head of Industrial Effluent & AD Biogas, Nijhuis H2OK

Tracey Giles, Design Engineer, NVP Energy

Richard Gueterbock, Marketing Director, Clearfleau

Benoît Boulinguiez, Director of Sales, MT-Energie UK

Bart Brouwer, Area Manager, Mavitec Green Energy